W9 Reading Question Choose 1 question from the list below to answer. If you ans

W9 Reading Question
Choose 1 question from the list below to answer. If you answer more than 1 question, you will receive extra credit.
In what ways does membership in a group change a person’s self-concept and social identity? Explain your answer.
What steps would you take if you were to base a self-esteem enrichment program in schools on the sociometer model of self-worth? Explain the steps.
What are the key ingredients to transforming a working group into a true team? Describe in detail.

Answering the reading question is worth 3 points.
A comprehensive answer (= answering ALL the parts of the question) –> 2 pts.
A copy of the chosen question along with your answer –> 0.5 pt.
A reference/citation (the following are acceptable: page number(s) in the textbook, page number(s) in the PowerPoint, video from the module, external source) –> 0.5 pt.
Extra credit if you answer more than 1 question –> 0.5 pt. per question (or 1 pt. in total).
Each answer should be around 1 paragraph long; this is a guideline, not a minimum or limit. There is no need to upload a document (but you can if you want to), you can just type your answer in the text box.
Avoid plagiarism by rephrasing the text in your own words (points will be deducted if the Turnitin score is high).
Use complete sentences and make sure to proofread your answer for spelling and grammar mistakes.
Please have a look at 2 examples here.





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