While each of the contract theorists we have studied (Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau) b

While each of the contract theorists we have studied (Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau) believes that it is rational for human beings to leave the state of nature (SN) and join a political society, each philosopher differs with regard to what kind of form a just political system must take. Such differences can ultimately be traced to the differences in each of their views about the kinds of problems inherent in the SN which political societies are designed to remedy.
For this paper, you are to compare and contrast the political philosophies of two of these contract theorists. For each one that you discuss, you will need to provide a full account of how he views the evolution of the political state. In order to do this, you must discuss each philosopher’s:
– View of human nature
– View of the SN.
– View as to why we leave the SN.
– View of what form a just political state takes. This will require you to discuss what form consent takes within a just political society. I.e., you will need to explain, among other things, what one must give up in order to join a political society and what one receives in return.
– View about how the political state is dissolved.
You will also need to assess each of their views critically. This entails pointing out at least one major problem that you see for each of their views. You will also need to mention who you believe has the stronger view. DO NOT SIMPLY GIVE YOUR OPINION. Be sure that you support your opinions with good reasons. Make as strong a case for the philosopher that you favor as you can.
– Note: While it is open to you to dismiss the views of both philosophers in favor of an original view of your own, you should be aware that this is a VERY DIFFICULT option. This would require you to develop your own account of a just political state. If you want to pursue this option, you must receive an okay from me before doing so.
1) If you have a situation that you believe may prevent you from turning your paper in on time, you need to contact me ASAP! Students who do not contact me and turn in a paper late for whatever reason without documentation of an excused absence should expect their paper to be docked three points for each day turned in late, including weekends.
2) If you submit a rough draft to me through email, you should expect to receive a confirmation that I’ve received it within two days. If you do not receive a confirmation and I do not receive your paper for whatever reason, I will assume that you did not submit a rough draft by the stated deadline. Expect that email malfunctions, etc., will not excuse late papers, so make sure you submit the rough draft in a timely manner and that you receive confirmation that I received it.
* Keep in mind that while the preceding is a general outline of what I’ll be looking for, it doesn’t cover everything. You should address all facets of a philosopher’s view that are relevant to the paper topic.
* Try to avoid quotations by paraphrasing whenever possible. If you feel that a quotation is absolutely essential, make sure to cite the appropriate page.
* Try not to simply repeat my notes back to me. Try restating them in your own words or expanding on the ideas.
* Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.





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