work base : The Role of Social Media in The Work Of Doctors Organization: Docto

work base :
The Role of Social Media in The Work Of Doctors
Organization: Doctors Without Borders (MSF)
Mission statement: To provide medical assistance to people in need, regardless of race, religion, political affiliation, or ability to pay.
Analysis: The medical aid organization MSF treats individuals in over 70 countries. They are known for delivering impartial and independent care in conflict and disaster zones. MSF is a non-profit that relies on donations.
I selected MSF because I like healthcare-social justice. Everyone needs quality healthcare, regardless of circumstances. MSF is inspiring me in their mission to achieve this.
My final paper will discuss MSF’s use of social media. I’ll examine how MSF uses social media to promote humanitarian causes, recruit volunteers, and raise funds. I will also explore humanitarian social media difficulties and potential.
Topic: The role of social media in the work of Doctors
This topic addresses how social media is used to raise awareness, recruit volunteers, and fundraise for humanitarian causes. This topic is significant and directional in its approach (Hairston & Keene, 2003). It matters because it relates to MSF and healthcare-social justice. It is also directional because it lets me study social media’s potential to improve the world.
Social networking can help the planet. It can increase awareness, link individuals, and mobilize action on crucial problems. Social media, for humanitarian reasons, has been pioneered by MSF. It has been used to promote crisis awareness, attract volunteers, and fundraise. They have also utilized it to tell the stories of their beneficiaries, create donor relationships, and fight for change.
My paper will examine how MSF has used social media to achieve its goals. I will also explore humanitarian social media difficulties and potential. This study can illuminate social media’s potential to improve the world. I’m excited to study and discuss this topic. This document can promote awareness about MSF and social media’s potential for good.
Hairston, M., & Keene, M. 2003. Successful writing. 5th ed. New York: Norton.The justification should be a persuasive narrative (30-70 words) that contains the following:
Work: Justificaton :
State Your Claim: Start with a brief statement of your paper title, which will focus on your research paper. It should not contain the specifics of your research.
Establish Reasons: Based on the chosen title, begin providing the reasoning. It is essential to frame your reasoning for why such a title is chosen with your objectives.
Provide Support: It is best to provide a one-sentence descriptive bibliography (in-text citation) with few references indicating that your title is in line with the recent research. Do not spend more than 20 words on providing a research background (in-text citation word count not counted). The more recent and up to date your support references you provide, the stronger your title justification.Literature its important more than 5 pls. thank you





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