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write a comparison/contrast essay on the story versus the movie. A few things to

write a comparison/contrast essay on the story versus the movie. A few things to think about: Expand on the discussion board question from the previous week – is there some crucial element that was taken from the story in the film adaptation? Did the story lose some of its meaning or a literary element through being translated to film? Or, did the film add something to it? Are the movies more suitable for children? Were the stories ever suitable for children in the first place?
Your essay should be a full 3-5 pages, Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced with your name, instructor’s name, the class and the due date in the upper left hand corner and your last name with the page number as the header in the upper right hand corner. Make sure to give your essay a title that reflects the content, not just the name of the story. This should be the format for all of your essays. You do not have to use outside sources for this essay, though I do recommend it. If you do, your sources should be properly cited in MLA format with a works cited page and in-text citations.
The story of Rapunzel still has some of the same idea. The story line just seems to be different from Tangled and the scenes have been redone. It has evolved into a softer story. The modern version is more kid friendly. I wouldn’t want to let my little children watch somebody have his eyes taken out, unlike in tangled where Flynn softly dies, and Rapunzel’s tears heal him. The sick mother remains the same idea in both, but they lost and changed the scene of how she was healed. Instead of everyone knowing of the sorceress and her beautiful garden, the kingdom had no idea she was near and that she used the random flower the guards had found. Instead of having to make the deal over Rapunzel that when she was born the sorceress would take her, the sorceress ended up stealing Rapunzel as a baby with no deal whatsoever. In the original Rapunzel there was no floating lanterns, no day of truce on her birthday between Flynn and Maximus, and there wasn’t any uncertainty of where the parents’ child was. I just feel like the biggest thing that the Disney version lost was the overall longing for the sorceress’s flower and the entire deal over Rapunzel. The original story is a very grim story.

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