You must post your own comment before you can see comments from your group membe

You must post your own comment before you can see comments from your group members.
*If a group member does not post their original comment by 11:59 PM on Saturday, you do not have to respond to them. It would be unfair to expect students to constantly check Canvas to see if/when a group member posts their original comment.
Word Requirement:
500 words totalApproximately 300 words (or more) must be your original comment
The other 200 words should be responses to at least TWO of your group members (split as evenly as possibly among them-100 per person- but does not have to be a perfect split).
Going over the word requirement is fine, but will not necessarily result in a better grade. I prefer clear and concise comments over unfocused and verbose comments.
Topics for your original comment (2 parts):
Part 1 (100+ words): Write a paragraph that includes answers to the questions. Do not list them like a Q&A.
I realize that this is some of the same information you posted on your VoiceThread Introductionassignment. Posting the information here will allow more students in the class to get to know each other!
What is your first and last name?
What year are you (Junior, Senior, etc.)?
Where are you from?
What is your dream job?
What is an interesting fact about yourself?
Why did you choose your major?
Why did you decide to come to CSUN?
What fun or interesting thing did you do over the most recent break? (Fall classes discuss summer break; spring classes discuss winter break)
Part 2 (200+ words): Locate the most recent message about healththat you read, viewed, or heard.The message can be from the news, social media, entertainment TV or a movie, a billboard, etc.
Share a screenshot of, or link to the message
Explain the aim/goal of the message
In your opinion, is the message clear?
What is your overall reaction to the message. Explain why you think you had the reaction you did.
Topics for responses to your classmates:
Approximately 100+ words per classmate X2 = 200 words
Part 1: Respond to TWO group members’ introductions of themselves
The response should not just be a summary of what they said, but rather your opinion about something, or an observation you have about what they said. For example, maybe you both chose your major for the same (or a very different) reason; or maybe you are from the same town, or have similar plans for the break.
Do NOT make a comment that is likely obvious to most people in the class (for example, saying “we are both juniors at CSUN”). Really make an effort to learn something about your classmates, and mention something about them that you learned that we would not be able to see or guess if we were all listening to these in a face-to-face class.
Part 2: Post a reaction to the health message they shared.Do you agree with them in terms of the goal(s) and clarity of the message?
What is your overall reaction to the message they shared. Explain why you think you had the reaction you did.





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