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( you need to use the info from the DOCS to answer the questions) 1. Answer one

( you need to use the info from the DOCS to answer the questions)
1. Answer one of the following options Option a: The British and U.S. history, of free expression has been a cycle of seeking freedom often through violence and revolution, gaining it, then oppressing others who disagree. (Note that you need to address a complete cycle.) Explain in detail two examples of such cycles, including the names of major players.
Option b: You researched groups who were oppressed by descendants of people who fought for their freedom during the Revolutionary War. Explain two ideas from critical race theory and how they relate to that group’s experiences between the Civil War and World War I.
2. Noah Peterson has been arrested multiple times after speaking in the Newton (lowa) City Council meeting during designated times for public comment. He frequently alleges that a police officer is a domestic abuser, and the police department is pro-abuse. (The officer in question has not faced criminal charges but does have a no contact order filed by a former girlfriend.)
In one meeting, Petersen called for the police department to be defunded, and added that, “I think the top two fascists in this town, Mayor Michael Hansen and the chief of police, need to be removed from power.”
Mayor Hansen objected, telling Petersen, “You are not going to defame the chief of police of this community,” and Petersen again was arrested and ejected from the meeting. Afterward, as captured on video, Hansen told other attendees that “I make no apologies” for objecting to “disrespectful” conduct toward the council and city staff and suggested that Petersen and those who agree with him “go do your activism somewhere where somebody cares.”
Newton’s City Council has a policy concerning public comments and bars “derogatory statements or comments about any individual.” Answer all of the following:
A. What level of scrutiny would the Newton City Council say should be applied to its public comments policy? Why?
B. What level of scrutiny would Noah Peterson say should be applied to this policy? Why?
C. The judge dismissed charges against Peterson and called the Newton City Council policy overbroad and vague. What was overbroad and vague about the policy
3- A Connecticut judge upheld the ruling against Alex Jones. He owes more than $50 million from libel suits because he falsely claimed on his InfoWars programs that the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was staged by what he called ‘crisis actors.’ In actuality, 20 children and six adults were killed in the massacre.
Parents of children who died and survivors filed and won a series of defamation suits last summer. Spurred on Jones’ claims that the massacre was a ‘false flag,’ InfoWars fans had harassed, stalked, and threatened the families over the past decade, some of whom were forced to go into hiding.
Alex Jones’ media company Free Speech LLC had more than 1.4 million daily
viewers before YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Roku, iTunes, and the AppStore
banned its programming in 2018. Exact numbers of current viewers on the
InfoWars web site are hard to track, but the following is still expected to be
above 500,000 daily. Answer all of the following:
A. Write the text of the First Amendment. How does the First Amendment impact or not impact YouTube and other online companies’ decision to ban InfoWars?
B. Select two First Amendment theorists of your choice. Explain their ideas about free expression. Then, explain their reaction to YouTube’s choices.
4. FULTON COUNTY, GA. (Court TV) – Popular Grammy-winning rapper and singer Jeffery Lamar Williams, known as Young Thug, along with eleven other defendants, are facing multiple criminal charges in Atlanta. Racketeering laws, also known as RICO laws, punish people who conspire to commit crimes without actually doing the crimes themselves.
Young Thug, 31, began rapping as a teenager and has performed around the world, starting his own record label, Young Stoner Life or YSL, where he serves as CEO. Fulton County prosecutors say in late 2012, he and two others founded Young Slime Life, an organized criminal street gang that’s commonly known as YSL and is affiliated with the national Bloods gang responsible for violent crimes in Atlanta.
Prosecutors claim Young Thug’s music lyrics are recruitment tools to attract members to the gang and incite criminal violence. “I never killed anybody, but I got something to do with that body,” he rapped on “Anybody” in 2018, featurin Nicki Minaj. “I told them to shoot a hundred rounds…ready for way like I’m Russia… I get all type of cash. I’m a general.” “Murder, murder, kill, kill,” and “pull the trigger,” were some of the lyrics cited by prosecutors. These lyrics are expected to be introduced by the state as evidence in Williams’ trial.
American Civil Liberties Union attorney Emerson Sykes said rap artists’ lyrics a unfairly used against them, while artists in other genres are ignored. He said: “Nobody thinks that [country singer] Johnny Cash really shot a man in Reno ju to watch him die, right?”
Prosecutors are using precedents set in Brandenberg v. Ohio as a basis for t
claims. Jury selection began Jan. 4 and is on-going. Answer all of the
Explain the facts and precedent set in Brandenburg v. Ohio, the test use and the level of scrutiny applied.
b. How might a judge apply the Brandenburg precedents to evaluate the
Atlanta prosecutor’s case?





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